Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hey this is Cassie ;) My aunt/Nan's sister Melinda recently came to visit with her two adorable kids, Wyatt and Meagan from Settle. For the three days they were here we where over at my grandma's house, where they were staying almost every night. Which wasn't bad by me, no homework, good food, and possible the most entertaining kids ever. They are not only funny but SO smart and how they come up with things i will never know. Their first day here, they went to the thanksgiving point dinosaur museum. Both Wyatt and Meagan got to choose one thing from the gift shop and Meagan picked a purple rock and Wyatt got a arrow head. He told me a lot about that i don't know how i feel about selling arrow heads that are that sharp to a 7 year old. But Melinda later told us that he had classified the arrow head in his notebook :
Arrow Head
used for weapons and killing animals
prehistoric times
and yes this is a 7 year old. Who actually skipped from 1st to 2nd grade because he is so smart. Meagan (or Meggie) is the cutest. She is also very smart. Well we were watching Secret Garden, when she heard her talk about the maharasha she, this little 3 year old, asked "Cassie who is the mahrasha?" I myself am not exactly sure who he is so i told her he was a little prince. I thought a 3 year old would understand that a little better. But at the same time she is the funniest. When the girl was yelling at the sickly boy, she said "well, she's not going to get any cake." We had not even been talking about cake, we didn't have cake. and after the movie she asked for cake, and melinda asked where she got this idea of cake. Meagan just smiled and ran away.

But we went sledding, well me and wyatt went sledding. Meagan had one run that ended in tears so she stayed below and threw snowballs at us and made a snow man. Wyatt loved the sleds that went out of control. I liked to stick to the tubes that didn't hurt my butt when i hit hills. But here are some pictures from that little adventure. Enjoy! Love you all!


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